XXVII Latin-American Rhizobiology Meeting (XXVII RELAR)

June 06 – 09, 2016 - Londrina, Paraná

“Strengthening South-South Partnerships”


Latin America plays a leading role for the world in research and practical utilization of nitrogen fixing and plant growth-promoting microorganisms applied to agriculture in the form of inoculants. Most of this success is the result of the close interactions among research groups dedicated to such microorganisms, carrying on meetings for over a half century. A simple translation of the importance of such microorganisms to numbers is illustrated by the case of soybeans in Brazil, where estimates are that biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) results in savings of the magnitude of 12 billion US dollars each year. In addition, further estimates indicate that Brazil avoids the emission of 45 million tons of CO2 equivalents every year by simply making use of nitrogen-fixing bacterial inoculants, helping to reduce the problems related to the emission of greenhouse gases. The utilization of BNF is consonant with the Brazilian government’s commitment to practicing agriculture with low carbon emissions (ABC Plan). The discussion of progresses and new research trends regarding BNF themes and plant growth-promoting microorganisms in private-public joint actions is more important than ever, as a means of concentrating efforts and maximize the utilization of scarce financial resources.

In this context, we announce the Latin-American Rhizobiology Meeting (RELAR). The ALAR (Latin-American Association of Rhizobiology, www.alaronline.org/) is a non-profit scientific organization whose objective is to promote BNF activities and the utilization of plant growth-promoting microorganisms in Latin-American and Caribbean countries. The origins of ALAR date back to the 60’s decade of the last century, when the association was created in 1964, during the first RELAR, held in Montevideo, Uruguay. Ever since the ALAR promotes meetings of this important forum.

One-half century later, in 2016, the XXVII RELAR will take place in Londrina, Paraná, Brazil, organized by Embrapa Soja and IAPAR. The theme chosen for the meeting is “Strengthening South-South Partnerships”. This choice resulted from the understanding that South-South partnerships on the theme of agricultural microbiology may be much more effective than North-South partnerships; however, such collaborations must be identified and intensified. South-South partnerships are not only those formed in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also the cooperation that is gradually being established between Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Oceania. Other Brazilian societies that are very important for the field of microbiology also support the event.

According to the proposed theme, the program for the XXVII RELAR will welcome not only speakers from Latin America and the Caribbean, but also from other related countries. The program includes acknowledged names from basic, as well as applied science fields, including representatives of the public and private sectors. A total of 43 lectures will be given by 42 speakers from 15 countries. You are invited to take a look at the program!!!.

The XXVII RELAR will bring great scientific and innovative biotechnological impact, offering the public from Brazil, Latin America, and the Caribbean an opportunity to be engaged in a top-level international meeting, attended by the greatest specialists in each field.

We count on your participation!!!!

Best regards

The Organizing Committee